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Stacee Love-Malcolm brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her role as a Financial Advisor at Nexus Strategic Wealth. A diverse entrepreneurial background, an aptitude for out of the box thinking and a constant focus on creating dynamic strategies that truly make a difference for her clients is what sets her apart. Her specialties are Retirement Planning and Divorce Finance Analysis.

After graduating with her B.S. at CWU, the first 10 years of Stacee's career life were spent creating, implementing, and running cardiac therapy rehabilitation programs. She also managed corporate and private health facilities across several NW states. In early 2000 she was pursued and recruited by a large financial services firm for her creative leadership style, high integrity, and client focused reputation. This marked the date where her passion for strategy would make the turn from health & medical management to the financial field.

Stacee spent the next several years immersed in an intense educational phase that eventually led to the founding of NEXUS Strategic Wealth, a comprehensive Financial Planning firm with a focus on relationships, strategy, and collaborative teamwork.  A place where clients can trust that they will receive pertinent individualized guidance throughout every phase of their financial journey.

When Stacee is not calculating figures or creating strategies for her clients you will find her spending time with her two boys, Keenan and Riley. You might also find her walking the West Linn hills with her bulldog Delilah. Mixed martial arts classes and ballroom dancing are a part of her weekly routine, and when her schedule allows, the occasional hip hop and/or salsa class!

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