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Divorce Planning - Nexus Strategic Wealth



Divorce can be extremely stressful, for all parties involved. The decisions you make during this time are critical, yet it's almost impossible to have a practical financial mindset when you're in the midst of an emotional storm.  Some couples manage to make it through the process without attorneys or expensive legal bills, but for most, unfortunately, it's not that simple.


You will likely retain an attorney, or at a minimum, a mediator. Now it’s understandable, if after doing this, the last thing you want to do is hire another expert to join your legal team, but most attorneys/mediators are not tax or financial experts.  An experienced Divorce Financial Analyst can help both you and your legal counsel understand how various divorce agreements will impact your future.



We can help you:

  • Assess options for the division of retirement accounts, pensions, and investments.

  • Analyze your assets and debts and the financial implications to you within each proposed property settlement.

  • Identify financial needs/goals, develop pre & post divorce budgets, and identify any divorce related tax consequences.

  • Determine if you can (or should) keep your marital home.

  • Project what you would need to maintain your current lifestyle post divorce as well as what it will take to stay on track with retirement.

  • Help you keep sight of the bigger picture, which can be difficult at times, allowing you to move forward with a positive financially independent mindset.

These are decisions that will effect you for the rest of your life.  If you ever needed a Financial Advisor… It's now~  Lets talk.

 Initial consultations are always free.

*Nexus Strategic Wealth and LPL Financial do not provide tax and legal advice or services. Please consult with your tax and legal advisor regarding your specific situation

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